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Translation Services

What We Do

We translate: books, documents, brochures, manuals, advertisings, reports, articles, websites, contracts, agreements, user guides, studies, letters…
We use an entirely human translation process, supported by an advanced CAT (Computer-Aided-Translation) tools and software technology, our workflows are streamlined to translate your texts as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Flawless Translation and Proof Reading

We’ll make sure your translation goes through a thorough proofreading process to ensure the document is free of any spelling errors, typos, punctuation slip-ups, grammatical mistakes and incorrect terminology. The process involves checking the source text in the original language against the resulting translation (or target text) by our expert proofreaders.

Product delivery

Your translations can be delivered in a variety of file formats: MS Word, PDF, or any other text file format. The choice is yours; just let us know which method you prefer.
Timelines for completion of language translation services are flexible and will be determined on an individual basis, depending on the scope and complexity of the original text.
We can even deliver the translation as high resolution print-ready PDF files designed according to the originally submitted material, or designed especially as per your request. This can cost you a little extra.

Translation Prices

The price of a translation is usually based on the number of words in the source text. Before each quote, however, we do a thorough analysis of the material to look, for example, if certain segments repeats and can then give a discount for these repetitions. If you have ordered from us before, we can also compare the text with previous translations and provide further discount if there is content that matches these. Therefore, in order to get a definitive answer on price, we ask you to send us the material you wish to translate so that we can go through it.
We have full privacy and your documents will not be disseminated. If you have special requests for delivery time or other specific requests, please specify them at the time of submission of the material.

Get Quote

Send us the original documents using the form below or by email indicating the languages and delivery time. Within a very short time, we’ll send you a quote with the price and delivery time.
Please note that the maximum file size you can send each time is 25MB, and that the accepted file types are:
Word, PDF, Web, XML, InDesign, JPEG and PNG.

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